Alpaca wool coat Sofia Camel




A long, straight-cut coat with an elevated, pointed classic collar that adds elegance without restricting, and raglan-style sleeves that provide a sense of freedom, and look great on various shoulder sizes. The coat is fastened with metal snaps and cinched with a belt made from the same fabric.

The coat is lined with cotton, making it lightweight and thin, which means it maintains its shape and provides excellent insulation against the cold and wind, while allowing the garment to breathe. Cotton lining is used only for high-end items, and this lining is several times more expensive than other linings. This coat with a cotton lining is suitable for the cold winters of Lithuania. Wearing the alpaca wool fabric against your body in the cold, you will immediately feel the warmth.


68% alpaca wool | 32% sheep wool

Viscose fabric is used for the lining to ensure an all-natural feel.

More about the fabric

This is a high-quality Italian fabric, unique for its hair length and weaving. The fabric is woven in a way that places sheep wool under the fabric, while the long alpaca wool hair is on the outside, creating an exceptionally warm and beautiful fabric. Alpaca hair is shiny, very soft, and gentle; you can feel the quality of this fabric with just one touch. The hair doesn’t shed and is easy to maintain.

Alpaca wool is six times warmer than sheep wool due to its hair structure, making coats from this fabric very warm and suitable for winter, as the hair contains air bubbles along its entire length, reflecting thermal radiation. Alpaca wool doesn’t contain lanolin, so it doesn’t attract little mites and dust, much less moths. Alpaca wool is also three times more resistant to friction than sheep wool, so products made from alpaca wool are usually very durable. It doesn’t pill and maintains the shape of the hair.


  • Do not wash;
  • Do not bleach;
  • Do not dry in a dryer;
  • Iron with a warm iron up to 110 degrees;
  • Dry clean only.
  • Dirt very rarely absorbs into the fabric, so to clean, you should let the dirt dry and then gently brush it off.


Model is 173 cm and wears size 1 (usually wears S-sized clothing).

  • Size 1 is suitable for those who typically wear XS, S, M;
  • Size 2 is suitable for those who typically wear M, L, XL;
  • Size 3 is suitable for those who typically wear XL and XXL.

If the size is not suitable or if you would like to adjust the length of the product (sleeve length), please write to us at

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