We love what we do


And we do it very well


We founded our sewing factory in 2004 and despite our young age, we already knew well what is needed for the sewing industry and sustainable fashion.
Our journey has started from individual orders, which have blossomed into our beloved sewing factory where we make garments for Europe’s most renown brands.
Our sewing factory is our family’s second home where each employee is akin to a family member to us.
Only the best and most professional employees who know their craft have been selected to uphold high production standards.
Every process – from garment construction to production – is done under the same roof on our company’s premises. We have the best equipment for all tasks involved, we select the most skilled specialists and we choose the most high-quality materials, but most importantly we have a sense of style and intuition for fashion trends. Therefore, having accumulated lots of experience working with high fashion, we have decided that it is high time we created our own high-quality clothes here in Lithuania. And thus, PURPOSE was born.