Brooks alpaca camel coat



This is a subtle and elegant winter coat with lining.
The luxurious coat from natural hair will keep you warm and cosy even in the coldest winter.
The Italian-made fabric is certified and of highest quality, unique in thread length and weaving.
The fabric is woven in such a way that the sheep wool is underneath the fabric, while the alpaca
wool is woven above. As a result, the fabric created is especially warm and beautiful.
Alpaca wool is shiny and very soft – one single touch will allow you to feel the exceptional quality
of the fabric. The fabric does not shed and is easy to maintain.
Due to its hair structure, where the hairs have small air bubbles throughout their length, alpaca
wool is six times warmer than the sheep wool, so all the garments made from it are very warm.
If you keep the alpaca wool close to your body in the cold, you will immediately feel warmth.
Alpaca wool has a 22 colour palette, so it is rarely dyed additionally.
Alpaca wool does not have lanolin in it, so neither small ticks, nor moths nest there. The wool
also does not host any small dust.
Alpaca wool is also three times as durable as the sheep wool, making the garments much more
The hair shape is kept for a long time and the maintenance is easy – occasional brush is
enough. It is a very durable product.
The fabric is easy to clean. Just let the dirt dry and brush it away with a swift brush. The dirt
hardly ever sets in.
The fabric meets all the standards of a modern woman. It is the symbiosis of practicality,
beauty, and subtlety.
Fabric content
68% alpaca wool, 32% sheep wool.
Viscose is used for the lining to ensure a universal natural feeling.
The model is 176 cm tall and is wearing size XXS.
XXS – breast 110 cm; waist 108 cm; hips 106 cm
XS – breast 114 cm; waist 112 cm; hips 110 cm
S – breast 118 cm; waist 116 cm; hips 114 cm

M – breast 122 cm; waist 120 cm; hips 118 cm

If the size is not suitable or if you would like to adjust the length of the product (sleeve length), please write to us at

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