Alpaca wool coat Sofia – Black



Available on backorder – it means that this garment model is in the sewing process, after you order, the garment will be made within 5 work days.


Long coat with a straight silhouette featuring an elevated classic collar that provides elegance without constriction, while raglan sleeves give a sense of freedom and look good on various shoulder lines. The coat is fastened with metal snaps and cinched with a belt of the same fabric.

The coat is lined with cotton batting, lightweight and thin, thus maintaining its shape without bulkiness, while effectively insulating warmth and blocking wind permeability, allowing the garment to breathe. Cotton batting is used only for premium products, and such insulation is several times more expensive than other types used. The coat with thermal lining is suitable for the Lithuanian winter cold. Snuggling up the alpaca wool fabric to your body in the cold, you will immediately feel the warmth.


62% alpaca wool | 38% sheep wool

Lining: 53% polyester | 47% viscose

More about the fabric

This is a high-quality fabric made in Italy, unique for its length of fiber and weaving. The fabric is woven in a way that the sheep wool is underneath the fabric, while the long fibers of alpaca wool are on the outside, creating an exceptionally warm and beautiful fabric. Alpaca fibers are shiny, very soft, and gentle; the quality of this fabric is felt at a touch.

Alpaca wool is six times warmer than sheep wool due to its fiber structure, making garments of this fabric very warm and suitable for winter, as the fibers have air bubbles throughout their length, reflecting thermal radiation. Alpaca wool does not contain lanolin, so products made from alpaca wool are not attractive to moths and do not collect dust or mold. Alpaca wool is also three times more resistant to abrasion than sheep wool.


The fabric is natural, so it is important to take care of the garment accordingly to preserve its condition. We caution that if you like to wear a bag over your shoulder, constant rubbing can damage the fabric. Also, avoid direct sunlight, and if the coat gets dirty, take it to a dry cleaner. Steaming is possible.

We do not recommend wearing garments made of alpaca fabric in the rain or moisture; if it does get wet, hang it on a hanger, let it dry, and gently brush it.

  • Do not wash, handle wet garment with extreme care;
  • do not bleach;
  • do not tumble dry;
  • iron only from the wrong side with a warm iron up to 110 degrees Celsius, but steaming is preferable;
  • dry clean only.

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Model 175 cm tall, wearing size 1 (usually wears size S clothing)

  • Size 1 fits those who usually wear XS, S, M;
  • Size 2 fits those who usually wear M, L, XL;
  • Size 3 fits those who usually wear XL and XXL.

If you are between sizes, it is recommended to choose the smaller one.

Size guide table

0 122 112 114 73,5 46 126
1 129 120 122 74 47 128
2 136 128 130 74,5 48,5 131
3 143 136 138 75 50,5 '131

If the size is not suitable or if you would like to adjust the length of the product (sleeve length), please write to us at

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